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The Octagon©

The Octagon© is currently provided free to individuals wishing to evaluate their preferred behaviours. 
It can be completed online, in paper form or using an MS-Excel spreadsheet.

Commercial use, such as by trainers for use within paid workshops, is prohibited without permission. 
A small fee is charged for commercial use and additional team analysis tools are provided.
Persons wishing to use The Octagon© for commercial purposes should contact to request permission.

Click to download an Octagon© questionnaire (PDF A4 size)

Click to download an Octagon© scoring matrix and profile sheet (PDF A4 size)

Click below to download an MS-Excel spreadsheet questionnaire, auto-scoring and profile template:

Click to download Explanatory notes for interpreting your Octagon© scores (PDF A4 size)

Your behaviour will dictate the extent to which people will want to engage with you - people in your teams and customers.  The first place to start with behaviour is with you getting an understanding of your own behaviour.  The Octagon© behavioural questionnaire helps you to understand how you tend to behave and how your behaviour may be interpreted by others. 

The Octagon© is a simple tool, developed with the assistance of a panel of psychologists.  It measures 8 behaviours, each with two extremes.  There is no right or wrong, just an understanding of how you behave, and how that translates into how others perceive you.

It is not an external assessment of how you behave but an opportunity for you to get a better understanding of yourself.

Ideally, after completing the Octagon© self-assessment, you should also ask your buyers and colleagues to complete an assessment on you.  Such feedback (typically referred to as 360 feedback) can be very revealing, since we do not always see ourselves as others see us. 

The Octagon© is designed for use by individuals as a development tool.  It is not designed and should not be used as a tool for recruitment, selection, or performance evaluation. 


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