Public speaking

David and Keith, co-authors of Smarter Selling, are regular speakers at conferences and other business forums.

Combining stories and practical examples with up-to-date research, and global experience, the impact of their presentations is guaranteed.

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"It was more than I anticipated!  David was very sincere and enthusiastic sharing lots of useful things with us. The session was not mere talking and listening.  It made us think, think and think!"

"I would like to thank you for the session you gave for our team last month. Pls let me tell you that I got some verbal feedback from a number participants, and it is very positive.The sessions seemed to have been energetic, inspirational and different, as per their words."

"Keith Dugdale is probably the most effective, professional, and engaging presenter that I've had the pleasure to have in front of our many clients. His presentation skills and demeanour make the entire audience relax almost immediately, but also sit-up and take notice of every word spoken."

"There is an honesty in the way that David and Keith behave that is all too rare in business.  They are true believers and they "walk the talk".  That is a powerful and persuasive combination."

"Many thanks for your presentation. Just to let you know we have received very positive feedback on your session in the conference participant reviews."

"Their presentations were insightful and very well delivered.  In fact, these were the best presentations I have attended. 
If you continue to provide such high calibre presenters, I am certainly looking forward to attending more events in the future."

"Loved it. Practical techniques - meaningful insights. Instilled more confidence in me for a (tough) road ahead."

"So here I write one week after returning from the Asia-Pacific NPA Conference in Brisbane. Was it a good meeting or not so good? I can give you an unequivocal positive answer!

I just got off of a phone call with a potential client and implemented things that I learned from speakers in Brisbane.

Instead of telling them about us, I asked about THEM.

Instead of starting the conversation using “we”, I used “you”. Thus, I got to know about the company and their idiosyncracies, what kind of relationship they wanted, etc. BEFORE telling them about “us”. I got to know the “human side” of the potential client.
I closed by asking what they see as next steps. We will get their business."


A selection of previous engagements:


  • Meet the Author, London School of Economics (LSE),London, UK
  • New Generation Sales Strategies, Harvard Business Review Polska, Warsaw, Poland
  • Smarter Selling Book Launch, Bucharest, Romania 
  • Team Nimbus Business Lunch - Cork, Ireland
  • Professional Services Marketing Group (PSMG), Birmingham, UK
    Institute of Directors - London, UK
  • Professional Services Marketing Forum - Bristol, UK
  • Young Professionals Forum - Newcastle, UK


  • World-class relationships – who does it best?  Tokyo, Japan
  • Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association, Hong Kong
  • Selling Skills in Wealth Management, Singapore
  • Insights into Client Relationship Management, Hong Kong 
  • How Great Organizations Build Better Buyer Relationships, Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Entrepreneurs Network, Hong Kong
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Seoul, South Korea 
  • British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
  • French Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

North America

  • Building Trust As A Strategy, Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), USA
  • Learning Transfer Summit, Philadelphia, USA
  • Association of Corporate Travel Executives Conference, Toronto, Canada
  • The Project Management Institute, Chicago, USA
  • Canadian Management Centre, Toronto, Canada 
  • American Society of Training and Development - Dallas, USA
  • Canadian Management Centre - Vancouver, Canada 
  • Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • HR Spring Summit, Philadelphia, USA
  • OCRI - Ottawa, Canada


  • The Australasian Sales Forum, Sydney
  • Smarter Selling without the Hard Sell, Brisbane
  • Becoming the Trusted Advisor, Sydney
  • Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association,  Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland
  • CPA Australia, Perth
  • Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Brisbane
  • Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators Expo, Gold Coast
  • NPA Asia-Pacific Conference, Brisbane
  • BBX Barter Exchange, Managers and License Holders Conference, NSW
  • Selling Your Ideas Effectively (APSMA) - Sydney
  • Book Launch - Australian Institute of Management, Brisbane
  • Australian Business Development Exhibition, Brisbane
  • Australian Institute of Management, Perth
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Sydney