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Workshops - Embedding new behaviours

The sales methodology you decide to implement will depend upon what you think will fit best with your organisation. 

The extent to which it is effectively implemented depends not upon the methodology but on the way you decide to implement it.  We have seen many workshops which produce a very high score on the “happy sheet” at the end, but only a few where significant changes have subsequently been made at the work place.

Over the years we've worked in behavioural learning environments we've seen a number of approaches used by different clients in order to maximise the success of learning interventions. 

Before clients decide on their learning implementation strategy we strongly advise that they consider what measures they will put in place to ensure they get the return they are looking for on their investment. 

Below is a list of some of the approaches we have seen used:

  • Design the learning around real clients and targets so they practice on real client scenarios and develop action plans for real clients.
  • Link increased sales expectations of participants to the training.
  • Incorporate the training as part of an overall leadership programme.
  • Do not replicate elements of the training which have been covered elsewhere.  For example if the participants have already done a behavioural assessment for other reasons – then don’t do the Octagon but get the facilitator to use the previous behavioural assessment as the starting point.
  • Mix the training with an ongoing coaching programme.
  • Stagger the learning over a period of time. 
  • Link some element of the facilitator’s fee to increased sales

If you'd like more information about any of the above approaches, drop us an email at or contact your local facilitator.

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