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IoweU is designed for any situation where long-term trusted relationships are desired and is especially applicable in complex or high-value sales and consulting situations.

The workshop is equally applicable to internal support functions such as Finance, HR and Marketing as it is to external customer and client-facing groups.
Attending an IoweU workshop is beneficial for many audiences:

  • Anyone with a direct need to sell
  • Anyone responsible for a team or organisation that needs to sell
  • Anyone wanting to improve their own ability to develop deep business relationships
  • Anyone wanting to improve relationships within a team or organisation

IoweU workshops have been delivered across many industries, countries and cultures.  Language is not an issue; since it is people and how they think and behave that we are dealing with, not the words they use. 

Equally, although culture plays a part in the social norms of the sales interaction, particularly at the start, experience shows that these approaches are applicable across cultures.



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