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Participants are shown how to treat each buyer as unique and how to approach each buyer differently - how to respond credibly and create impact "in the moment" through intelligent questioning - always retaining a focus on what is best for the buyer, as opposed to what's best for the seller.

Through the workshop process, participants see that there is a better way to sell - a way that builds sustainable, trust-based relationships.

The full spectrum of IOWEU learning incorporates the following elements:

  • Identifying potential customers/clients on the basis of the target's
    preferred buying criteria - to ensure maximum benefit from limited sales time
  • Qualifying the type and quality of existing buyer relationships and learning how to improve them
  • Identifying different buyer types and the roles they play in the sales process - and how to influence them 
  • Understanding each particpant's own natural behaviours using the Octagon™ behavioural assessment tool (or similar tool) - and how their behaviour impacts others in the sales process
  • Using I We U framing to secure a conversation, and quickly establish genuine rapport during telephone or face-to-face conversations
  • Adopting the SHAPE questioning approach to demonstrate broad interest, establish real needs and envision desired futures - creating genuinely engaging conversations
  • Applying Levels of Thinking and Spicy Questions to take conversations to a higher level and make them more interesting and memorable for all involved
  • Using Value Sheets tool to drive a focus on identifying value
  • Presenting ideas and solutions in ways that are clear and memorable
  • Agreeing next steps and gaining commitment through the use of CC Notes

Every participant receives a workbook
which includes the
Octagon™ Behavioural Questionnaire.
For in-house workshops, clients' preferred behavioural tools such as MBTI, HBDI, LSI etc may be substituted.

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