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The authors of Smarter Selling
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David with Holly (from our US facilitator team) and Keith at the
IOWEU International Conference.

David started professional life as a trainee tax accountant before moving into IT consulting.

At twenty-eight he set-up his first business, selling his stake five years later to seek new challenges in Asia.

He moved to Hong Kong in 1995 and for the next eight years worked with business consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC), where he held senior positions in business development, marketing and communications and, finally, as head of the PwC Leadership Academy.  

His final years as a PwC consultant were spent managing a particularly complex challenge - the outsourced provision of training services across Asia-Pacific to a global IT organisation.

In late 2003, he set up his own training consultancy and began working more closely with Keith.  The Smarter Selling book followed and then the business, IOWEU International.  David now heads the IOWEU International business.

Today he devotes his time to developing the IOWEU International business; speaking at conferences and seminars; and delivering IOWEU’s suite of training programmes around the world. He spends too much of his time on the road and confesses to getting withdrawal symptoms if he goes for more than two weeks without visiting an airport.

David can be reached at


Keith’s career focus has been on the communication and relationships between people, primarily in a sales environment with a couple of breaks to work in direct sales.

This has led him to a career with positions varying from head of training and development for PwC China to business development and sales coach in Australia.

Having learned the consulting ropes whilst at PwC Keith ventured out and set up his own consulting business in 2004 running sales training and coaching, primarily to SMEs.

Following the release of Smarter Selling which he and David co-wrote in 2007 they set up IOWEU International. 

Keith is now a director of Related Vision ( which has two principle aims.  First, helping people build trust and thus improve relationships – using the IOWEU principles covered in the Smarter Selling book.  Second, using technology to measure the extent of person-to-person relationships and extrapolating that out to the relationships between sales organisations and buyer organisations.

Keith can be reached at









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