Although the IoweU concepts and tools are easy to grasp, developing competence takes practice. 

Designed by the authors of Smarter Selling in conjunction with renowned learning and education specialist Simon Fitzgeorge, workshops are the most popular option for introducing IOWEU approaches to new audiences. 

Workshops cater to participants in both external and internal facing roles.  For consultants and salespeople, click here to view an overview of the Better Buyer Relationships workshop
For internal consultants (such as HR, IT, Finance, Marketing, Legal etc) clcik here for an overview of the Better Relationships - Stakeholders workshop.

Workshops are delivered in a varitey of formats from a series of half-day modules to intensive 3-day sessions.  Workshops aim to develop mastery of the tools and are very practical in nature, with a focus on real-life, relevant scenarios.

For larger implementations, selected elements of IOWEU's proprietary approaches may be licensed for incorporation within the organization's internally produced programs.   

To find out more about IOWEU workshops, click on the headings below:

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"Excited, overwhelmed.  I can’t wait to take these tools into my organisation."

"Thought it was great.  Well run, lots to think about.  Very practical and of value.  This is the first course I have ever done where I wasn’t bored."

"New perspective.  New ideas."

"Everything we covered was relevant and highly informative – previous workshops I’ve struggled to use in my day-to-day job."

"Positive – very insightful."

"Great – practical and relevant."

"Very informative, engaging."

"Very helpful.  Good insights.  Change in mindset approach."

"Informative, challenging (thinking), practical."

"“Enjoyable, educational – learned a lot of useful information & new ideas”.

“Really made me consider my whole approach to sales.”

“Good concept. A different approach to sales. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training.”

"I think this was amazing to how this course reflect real life interaction & prepare you to answer most of question you may have to face."


Workshops are led by accredited
facilitators with broad business
knowledge and proven training skills

Click here for a list of accredited
coaches and trainers