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Why IoweU?

For many salespeople and consultants their mindset when approaching prospects, customers or clients is UoweMe.  Driven by the requirement to schedule X calls and Y meetings, they adopt a  “push” oriented sales approach focused on gaining from every buyer interaction. 

IoweU turns this notion on its head.  For the buyer-seller relationship to flourish, both buyer and seller should benefit from every interaction.

However, given the other parties likely experience of working with multiple salespeople or consultants (who typically adopt a "show-up and throw-up" approach focused on describing how great they are; their offering is; their company is), today's salespeople and consultants have to work harder to dispel buyers' preconceptions and prejudices (the inevitable result of previous bad experiences).  They need an approach with a strong focus of delivering value to clients, customers and prospects in every interaction.  The seller should enter every interaction focused on rewarding the buyer for the time and information (some of it quite possibly sensitive) that the buyer is prepared to share. 

Hence the seller owes the buyer: IoweU.


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