Coaches and Facilitators - Czech Republic

Monika Kavanova
Tel: +42 (0) 603 88 44 90

Monika has a strong business background with the extensive experience in sales, sales management and customer care within the Education and IT sectors.  

She worked as product manager for managerial programs at the Czech Technical University, then as a Director of Oracle University for several Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries and later as head of the Education sector  for Microsoft covering 32 CEE countries.

Monika supports several non-profit organizations (as their business advisor and mentor):   the People Management Forum; the Czech Information Centre for NGOs;  Internet for Everyday and others.  She previously ran a series of Business Transformation workshops for Microsoft and she has worked with several small and medium-sized organizations from different industry segments.  Recently she worked for Education Impact in an interim role as Worldwide Sales Director.

In 2009 Monika co-established Sales2Win, a consultancy organization supporting customers in sales, marketing, customer care and personnel development. 


Martina Šmidochová
Tel: +42 (0) 606 70 74 01

Martina has extensive experience in customer and partner management and is an expert in product development.

From November 1996 and till January 2002 she worked as a Human Resources consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

In February 2002 Martina was headhunted and accepted a position as HR Director with Microsoft, responsible for both the Czech and Slovak Republics.  Apart from these responsibilities, which embraced all facets of HR, she was also given responsibility for the company’s European policy of assessment, talent acquisition, outsourcing, customer satisfaction and product development.

From September 2008 till 2012 Martina worked as Customer and Partner Experience Director.  Martina co-founded Sales2Win with a focus on HR consultancy.





Roman  Šuk
Tel: +42 (0) 602268203 

Roman has a successful international background as a Sales Manager and Customer Care Manager in the information and communications technology environment.  He previously worked in companies including Microsoft, Unisys and Ness Technologies.   

Roman's experience is primarily in business development, particularly developing business in new service areas.  His other projects included business model transformation in partner channel sales organizations and change management of Customer Care Centers across Central and Eastern Europe.

He also utilises his skills and experience to work as a professional coach and mentor in sales and customer care.