Better Relationships - Stakeholders (and colleagues)

An organisation’s success depends on the ability of its people to co-operate,
collaborate and work seamlessly, appearing to the outside world as a single

This is a major challenge. Pressures of time and money, internal structures,
geographic distance, differing KPI’s – all these and more serve as blocks to
effective collaboration.

To meet this challenge, IOWEU created Better Relationships Stakeholders™.

This programme, based on the proven IOWEU approach of providing value in every interaction, focuses on how to build trusted relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders that enhance an organisation’s relationship capital* and its ability to deliver outcomes.

* An organisation’s relationship capital is the aggregate value of its relationships
with customers, partners, suppliers, employees etc.

The programme will enable your people to:

  • Interact effectively with colleagues and other stakeholders through a deep understanding oftheir needs and goals
  • Create environments in which people are open and collaborative
  • Achieve consensus and commitment to move forward

Programme content
The programme covers how to:

  • Create the right relationships with the right stakeholders
  • Quickly build rapport and establish trust
  • Collaborate and gain commitment
  • Focus on and deliver value to stakeholders in every conversation
  • Position your ideas for maximum stakeholder impact

 Proprietary tools and approaches and approaches covered include:

  • Octagon™ profiling to understand behavioural preferences and their impact on others
  • I We U openings to establish rapport and start to build trust from the first words
  • SHAPE™ questioning to demonstrate broad interest in stakeholders
  • Levels of Thinking, Spicy Questions and Focus-5 to make interactions more engaging and memorable
  • Value Sheets to focus on the value to stakeholders
  • CC Notes to maintain collaborative momentum

Programme format
The programme format is flexible and may be delivered as a series of modules of varying length to fit different requirements. The focus is on
providing participants with a range of flexible tools that they can use to
achieve results. Workshop sessions are highly interactive and include behavioural analysis, practical examples, role play, case studies and video.

Application of the new approaches learned may be further supported
through post-workshop reviews and ongoing coaching.

Programme delivery
Programmes are delivered by accredited facilitators drawn from
IOWEU’s global network of affiliates.

Contact for more details.


“Rich, realistic and great learning.”

“Very positive – food for thought.
Strong content around structured
dialogue and owning/driving

“Thought it was great Well run lots
to think about. Very practical and of
value. This is the first course I have
ever done where I wasn’t bored.”
“Very good with techniques that
can be applied straight away."

“Thought provoking. Useful tools that I can share with colleagues.”

“Useful practical skills. Plenty of
practice and putting into real life contexts”.

“Informative, challenging (thinking), practical."