Coaches and Facilitators - Germany

Delf Ornelas
Tel:  +49 89 64208 698

Delf started out as a management consultant and trainer in the late 80’s. Since then he has been involved in a broad spectrum of consulting and training projects in diverse public and private organizations covering a broad spectrum of industries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

For a number of years he worked at senior management level within the CommonHealth network of the world’s leading health care communications organizations, where he has focused entirely on strategic, psychological and sociological brand development issues.

His professional experience includes key account management, coaching and developing multinational and intercultural project teams, championing organizational and cultural change initiatives as well as the facilitation of strategic concept and advisory board meetings for global organizations.

He is fluent in English and German with basics in French. Delf studied law and sociology at Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany and earned his MBA from Southern Cross University, Australia. 

Richard Berry
Tel: +49 89 64208 698

Richard Berry has been a professional trainer and organizational development consultant for the last 15 years. His work has consistently focused on working in international environments for private industry and international governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Richard has developed and executed customized training programs for all areas of operations and customer service for over 15 banks throughout Europe and Africa. His private industry experience lies in banking, electronic funds transfer, international card organizations and financial services organizations.

Prior to his work as an independent Consultant and trainer he worked as a training manager for the European, Middle East and Africa region for one of the 25 fastest growing companies, Euronet (Forbes, 2007).