The ENGAGE Board Game

ENGAGE the board game is designed to help teams practice IOWEU approaches and embed key skills so their use becomes easy and natural.

The board game is typically used either during a workshop, and/or subsequently as a key element in team coaching initiatives.

Skills reinforced through game-play are:

  • reading and adpating to different behaviours
  • I We U conversation openings
  • SHAPE questioning
  • Focus-5 questioning
  • use of Spicy Questions
  • use of Need-Feature-Benefit
  • Storytelling



Feedback on the impact of the game:

"The game is a great tool to use in team meetings. We spent 15-20 minutes playing the game at the end of our weekly team meetings for two months after the training program and it really helped develop our skills."

and from UK-based facilitator Alex Smith:

"I've been using the ENGAGE game with my 4 Arup learning groups
and they have all loved it .
It has been a really useful way of revising and honing skills covered in
the BBR workshop and to practice new bits like Focus 5 and Spicy Questions
which I had introduced at the beginning of the group sessions."


 Feedback on playing the game:

"Very good, practical, want more."

"I found it really tough (fast reactions needed)."

"Fantastic training tool!"

"Pushes you."

"Shame we didn‘t have more time on this, fun but practical use of skills."

"This highlighted our lack of learning – the idea is great but we hadn‘t sufficiently learnt all techniques so couldn‘t participate as well as we would have liked."