Coaches and Facilitators - South Korea

Perry Lam
Territory Co-ordinator
Tel: +852 6778 3288


Perry began his career with the Xerox Corporation based in the United States.He was then recruited by DHL Worldwide Express to return to Hong Kong to set up their Sales Organization in the 1980’s. 

For 20 years, Perry has worked in various Country, Regional and Global Roles in the areas of Sales and Marketing for DHL and posted to Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and China.  Perry’s last position was Regional Director of Sales for Asia and the member of the Global Sales Steering Committee.  Aside for having full P/L responsibility, Perry set up the DHL Asia Sales Academy which was adopted globally as the DHL Sales Centre of Excellence. 

Perry’s primary industry expertise is with Financial and Hi-Tech Industry clients.

Harry Cho
Tel: +82 16 328 1371


Harry is a sales and service trainer in Korea, having spent over 10 years in consulting, training and business development.

Harry began his career with Samsung Group in Korea.He worked in a Department and Hypermarket in Shisegae (department store) as a sales manager and training manager.He then worked in Samsung Tesco as a training manager.

He started as a sales and service trainer in Achieve Global Korea and became a Master Trainer.

E.S. Han
Tel: +82 19 357 7151








H.Y. Chung
Tel: +82 11 9967 8650