The goal? 
To change the way the world sells - for the better good of all.

Because sales is broken.  It isn't working for buyers.  It isn't working for sellers.  It isn't working for people.  It isn't working for the planet.
In a world where so much is commoditized, if you cannot differentiate, price becomes the dominant decision factor, zero-sum price negotiations push-selling the dominant activities.

What does good look like? 
For buyers: honest, open discussions focused on you, your challenges and your opportunities.  Salespeople and consultants who you can trust.
For sellers: more buyer trust, more information, more opportunities, more referrals, more sales.  Clients and customers who value their relationship with you.

How to make good happen? 
Through a strong desire to provide value in every interaction and a renewed focus on the people element in buying decisions.  
This renewed focus on the person is needed because,
in our pursuit of process and technology, we've neglected the human piece of the jigsaw and lost sight of a fundamental truth:

"People buy from people they like.
They buy more from people they like more."

Or, as Ford Harding put it so succinctly in his book, RainMaking: 

"People buy on feelings,
and use facts to justfy the way that they feel."


Your behavior is your key to being different and creating the positive feeling that underpins success.  Different so that buyers can choose you. 
And the good news is that behavior, your behavior, can't be faked; can't be digitized; can't be copied.

Dov Siedman in his book, How, endorsed by none other than ex-US President, Bill Clinton, put it this way:

"There is one area where tremendous variety still exists, however, one place that we have not yet analyzed and commoditized,
and which, in fact, cannot be commoditized: the realm of human behavior – How we do WHAT we do.

The tapestry of human behavior is so varied, so rich, and so global that it presents a rare opportunity, the opportunity to outbehave the competition."


How does Smarter Selling and IoweU™ contribute? 
IoweU™ sales enablement tools, methodologies, coaching and training; help you succeed through being different.
The IoweU™ nethodology and tools were first introduced in the book, Smarter Selling, an international best-seller, published by Financial Times - Pearson, that has been translated into multiple languages including Chinese and Russian.

Previously available mostly to large organizations as face-to-face classroom training, in recent years, IoweU™ learning and coaching has moved online, to the Relationship Capital Academy, making it available, globally and 24-7, to individuals, teams and all sizes of organization.  Another step towards the goal of changing the way the world sells.

Flexible learning.
Virtual classroom; face-to-face; online self-paced and gamified.  Training, team coaching or 1-1 coaching.
​Your content mixed with our content.
Your people delivering or our people delivering.
All fully customizable to your organization's particular needs.

Focused on implementation supported by application canvases
Train your people and upskill your coaches with all the tools and online learning needed to succeed.  

Free assessment tools
High quality free tools to assess your current relationship strength; your preferred behaviors and how they impact others; plus, how well you listen. 

Across industries, across cultures and across the world, many leading organizations have implemented IoweU™ sales tools and methodologies to differentiate and outperform competitors through the way their people behave. 
To find out more, visit The Relationship Capital Academy.